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Top 5 HVAC and Refrigeration Tips for a Cool Summer from Total Comfort Group

July 27, 2023

As the summer heats up, ensuring your building’s HVAC and refrigeration systems are top-notch is paramount. To help you beat the heat and maintain a comfortable indoor environment, our experts at Total Comfort Group have compiled a list of the top five HVAC and refrigeration tips for a cool and energy-efficient summer.

1. ​​Schedule a Seasonal Inspection:

If you haven’t already, schedule a thorough inspection of your HVAC and refrigeration systems. Our certified technicians will meticulously examine all components for wear, leaks, and potential issues. Addressing any problems before peak summer demand ensures optimal system performance and helps prevent costly breakdowns.

2. Clean and Replace Filters:

Proper airflow is essential for efficient HVAC and refrigeration operation. Regularly cleaning and replacing air filters is a simple yet effective way to maintain system efficiency. Clogged filters strain the systems, reducing cooling capacity and increasing energy consumption. Let Total Comfort Group handle filter maintenance to keep your systems running smoothly.

3. Ensure Proper Refrigerant Levels:

Maintaining the correct refrigerant levels is vital for efficient cooling. Low refrigerant levels can lead to decreased cooling capacity and higher energy bills. Our expert technicians will check and adjust refrigerant levels as needed, ensuring your systems operate at peak performance throughout the summer.

4. Optimize Cooling Setpoints:

Setting the cooling temperatures of your HVAC system optimally can significantly impact energy consumption. Our team can help you find the perfect balance between comfort and efficiency by adjusting cooling setpoints based on occupancy schedules and building usage patterns. Programmable thermostats simplify this process, ensuring your space stays comfortable without unnecessary cooling.

5. Clean Condenser Coils and Evaporators:

Dirty condenser coils and evaporators are common culprits behind reduced system efficiency. Regularly cleaning these components allows for proper heat transfer and prevents your systems from working harder than necessary. TCG offers routine cleaning and maintenance services to ensure your coils remain in top condition.

Bonus Tip! Energy Efficiency Measures: Summer months often lead to increased energy consumption due to air conditioning usage. Encourage energy-efficient practices among occupants, such as keeping windows and doors closed when the AC is running and using blinds or shades to block direct sunlight. To optimize HVAC usage, consider implementing energy-saving technologies like programmable thermostats or occupancy sensors. Monitoring empowers you to make informed decisions, leading to cost savings and environmental benefits.

With these top five HVAC and refrigeration tips from TCG, you can ensure a cool, comfortable, and energy-efficient summer for your building. Our team of experts is here to assist you every step of the way, from pre-season inspections to routine maintenance and energy monitoring. 

Contact us today to keep your HVAC and refrigeration systems in peak condition and beat the summer heat with confidence. Stay cool, stay comfortable, and stay in control with Total Comfort Group!