If you are purchasing new equipment, our factory authorized technicians will perform all of the start-up services required to ensure your equipment is functioning properly. Our commissioning process consists of checking and testing all of the functions of the design, including performance tests on the mechanical equipment and its control systems functionality.

Benefits of a Proper HVAC Equipment Start-up:

  • Assures equipment operation and installation is per factory specifications.
  • Identifies and resolves equipment deficiencies at the time of installation.
  • Reduces field operational issues, service calls, and emergency repair fees.
  • Provides instant feedback between installer, owner, and factory regarding quality

Factory Authorized Start-up (FAS)* – The FAS is completed after the successful installation of the HVAC equipment by a licensed mechanical contractor. The responsibility of completing the initial start-up, making necessary adjustments, and repairing equipment operational deficiencies is the responsibility of HVAC manufacturer. Installation deficiencies are the responsibility of the installing mechanical contractor. This FAS service helps create a better customer experience and KPI’s for this service improves when this service is performed. Contact us and ask about this FAS program.