HVAC Installation Services


Factory Authorized Start-ups

The proper installation of HVAC equipment is a challenge that requires a level of expertise and experience with in-depth knowledge of the units. If not installed properly, you may face untimely shutdowns, nuisance tripping, or even pre-mature failure that can significantly impact the overall productivity. That is why Total Comfort Group brings you factory authorized start-ups (FAS) that ensure a comprehensive commissioning process of each unit.

Once you purchase the equipment, a licensed mechanical contractor from the manufacturer will complete the initial start-up, make adjustments, and repair operational deficiencies, if any. After this initial set-up, we conduct a thorough checking and testing of all functions of the machine and run performance tests on their control systems to optimize their efficiency and functionality.

Our experts have years of experience in installing complicated HVAC units. We strive to provide the best customer experience and enhance the KPIs of the unit’s services. If you require any assistance with any new HVAC equipment, get in touch with our support team.

Benefits of Our FAS

Multi-Site Commercial HVAC Installation for Factory-Authorized Start-ups
  • Assured installation and operation of equipment as per factory specifications
  • Prompt identification and repair equipment deficiencies (other than manufacturing defects)
  • Reduces field-operational problems, service calls, and emergency repair costs
  • Instant reporting to the client and factory (manufacturer) on quality issues

The correct installation and testing of HVAC equipment is a sophisticated task that requires electrical and mechanical knowledge and experience of the control technology. Our FAS engineers have expertise in the installation, configuration, and optimization of these units. Our sole aim is to provide peace of mind and the best performance of the equipment for our clients.

If you have purchased any new HVAC equipment, call our experts today for the best FAS.