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As always, safety comes first. Not only do we have to protect our employees, but we are also responsible for every person in your building. That said, safety is our primary focus in our daily routine.


Rigorous Safety Training

Every member of our team goes through an extensive safety program before they are able work in the field. This program includes training on:

  • Equipment and vehicle safety
  • Risk management and prevention
  • Ergonomics
  • Injury prevention

Annual Refresher Course

Since safety is our primary focus, we always want our team of technicians to be caught up with the latest safety techniques and protocols. That said, we require that each technician participates in annual safety refresher courses.


Qualified Safety Associates

To ensure that all OSHA and customer requirements
are being met, we have several team
members who are responsible for keeping
safety as the primary consideration on projects,
starting in the beginning design stage and
through the final steps.



If your piece of equipment seems to be failing,
we never want you questioning your safety.
Therefore, we provide around-the-clock service.
No matter the hour or location, give us a call and
we will send one of our technicians out to
resolve the issue in a timely manner.