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6 Tips to Boost Employee Productivity in Your Business

6 Tips to Boost Employee Productivity in Your Business

April 15, 2022

Managers and business owners are always trying new ways to improve employee productivity. And, they have a good reason for doing so. Study shows that businesses can achieve 147% higher revenue than their competitors if they can double the number of “engaged employees”.
This is why every business should focus on improving their employee’s productivity.

How can you improve productivity in your workplace? Here are 6 simple tips that every business should focus on:

1. Improve Workplace Conditions

Some factors beyond monetary compensation are also important for employees. For instance, a comfortable working temperature (ideally between 68- and 70-degrees F) reduces distractions for employees. They can concentrate better when they don’t have to spend time walking around to get their coats or an electric fan.

You can create such an environment for them with regular HVAC maintenance. It will increase your system’s running capability and lower the risk of breakdown. Additionally, it will improve airflow that will keep the temperature consistent, and your employees will be comfortable.

2. Provide the Right Tools and Equipment

When your employees have the right tools and equipment, they can perform their duties efficiently and on time. For instance, using an online project management tool allows everyone to stay updated on a project so they can be in sync with each other in real-time.

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When your employees get access to high-quality, modern programs and equipment, it will make a massive difference in their productivity.

3. Practice Positive Reinforcement

You can’t underestimate the importance of positive reinforcement. Your workplace environment should prioritize encouragement, motivation, and rewards. When your employees receive feedback and the right push, they will be more engaged in the company environment.

A Forbes article revealed that employees who are engaged with their company are 27% more likely to achieve “excellent” performance ratings. So, you should motivate your employees to work harder and offer them rewards in return.

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4. Delegate

Most managers believe that delegation comes with an element of risk. However, it also means that you trust your employees will perform the tasks well. You can give responsibilities to qualified employees that have a proven track record of success in a certain field. It can be highly beneficial in improving the morale and job satisfaction of your staff.

5. Offer Adequate Incentives  

Along with positive reinforcement, you should also offer the right incentives to employees. They will genuinely motivate them to work harder and improve their productivity. In fact, 42% of employees look for rewards and recognition program opportunities when seeking employment.

However, these incentives should not be limited to monetary rewards. You can offer more effective incentives to them, such as:

  • Paid time off  
  • A handwritten note of gratitude  
  • Flexible work hours (on some days)  
  • Dedicated trophies  

6. Train Your Employees Well  

Another effective means of improving employee productivity is offering them extensive training. You can arrange dedicated training sessions, webinars, and workshops, so that they can develop new skills and nourish their existing ones.

The growth of your business relies on how you maximize your team’s productivity. And it isn’t as challenging as it sounds. You can expect increased productivity as long as you make efforts to reduce their stress, provide better incentives, and create a happier working environment for them.