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4 Signs you Need to Call your Electrician Immediately

4 Signs you Need to Call your Electrician Immediately

September 27, 2022

An efficient electrical system is vital to worker safety. However, dealing with electric systems is not something you want to DIY. Working with electrical units can be very dangerous, which is why you should always hire a professional for issues that arise. This is why OSHA mandates employees dealing directly with electricity to wear personal protective gears like line hose, sleeves, matting, blankets and gloves designed to curb hazards. It is because shocks above 2,700 volts can be fatal. A malfunction in the form of a power outage may cause delays and disruptions, loss of business possibilities and impact a business’ revenue as well.

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Being alert regarding electric risks is also critical since there were 126 electrical fatalities in industries in the US in 2020. The most common ones were construction and extraction (44%), repair occupations (20%) and farming, fishing and forestry (3%). The good news is that there are plenty of obvious signs pointing at electrical defects. This is when you must get in touch with a professional who understands the risks and acts accordingly. Here’s 4 issues you should call your electrician to fix immediately.

1. Frequent Fuse Blowing 

Are your circuits flipping too often? This is mainly due to overload. Intense heat is a common reason for blackouts and burnouts. There could also be an issue with the breaker box or due to running two devices simultaneously on the same circuit. Remember that it can only handle around 80% of the total amperage and a breaker can trip up to 50 operations.

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The circuit needs a replacement right away since it can possibly be a threat to the people on the business premises and hamper the safety and comfort of customers and employees. Give a call to the electrician in case of daily trips or a few times a week to avoid a fire.

2. Burning Smell

It is particularly described as ‘hot’ or ‘melting’. The smell is metallic, an acrid odor or a strong fishy one. The wiring’s insulation may be burning at this point and requires immediate help. Overheating can smell like urine due to changing temperatures. There are a few other additional issues that accompany it: 

  • You might notice sparks from plugs followed by a buzzing noise.
  • The switch plate or the outlet can feel warm to touch.

All of these can mean a fire may burst out at any moment. Simply cut the power and get in touch with the nearest commercial electrician.

3. Flickering Lights

This is not a big deal and can be fixed by changing the bulb. Tightening also helps since loose connection is another significant cause. But in case the flicker does not stop, know that it may lead to deeper problems. It is often a sign of bad electrical wiring and needs to be addressed right away. This can save you from documented effects of flicker exposure like headaches, eye strain and both neurological and physiological symptoms. Flutters, blinks and glimmers can also be due to an overtaxed power grid. It is best to talk to an electrician to know the root concern.

4. High Electricity Bills

Are you lately among those with an unusually high bill? A few top reasons are cracked ducts, appliance overuse, leaking water pipes, defective and old wiring, damaged thermostat wiring and underground wiring issues. Call an electrician to avoid getting rude shocks from electric invoices every month. A well-trained and licensed one can implement the latest technologies that adhere to the current market norms. There are fewer chances of a full-scale electrical replacement or repair work which saves time, effort and money. 

The electrician industry size has grown by 2.2% per year between 2017 and 2022. This is simply because not many things are as life-threatening as messing with live electricity. Choose experts who will help to reduce the electrical and operational costs for a budget-friendly venture.